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This past Saturday my faithful loyal hubby and I began the season of canning the bounty of our harvest. We canned 8 qts of tomatoes and 5 qts of our green sauce! IMG_20130601_151730 The garden is going well so I’m hopeful this is merely the beginning. It’s so wonderful to look on my shelves and see these beautiful bottles and know that long after the growing season is gone we will have yummy food to eat.

I used my steamer canner again. I’ve written about it in previous posts, for me it’s the only way to go. So easy, so convenient, so much less cleanup! IMG_20130601_133718  This is what it looks like all put together with the jars inside. You should be able to find one at any hardware store. I know they aren’t as popular as a water bath canner or even pressure cooking, but I’ve had great success with mine and I love it.

My next favorite tool is this thing:IMG_20130601_151643 I don’t really know what it’s called it’s been too long since I bought it but you will find it with the other canning accessories in your store. The yellow part is coated in rubber and you place it around the neck of the jar, holding it by the black end and pick up the jar from the steamer or the water bath to remove it. It’s easy to handle and not nearly as awkward as you think it would be. I can easily do it. It makes moving the bottles easy and next to no chance that you will come away with burned fingers.

Now for the jars:IMG_20130601_132936 It’s hard to tell from this picture but there are literally 3 generations of jars in this picture. I believe the oldest one is about 40 years old. These jars have been used and used, washed and washed, some came from my grandmother, some from my mom, some I got from a neighbor who was cleaning out his moms house and found dozens of jars. I almost feel sorry for those of you who have to buy jars, I never have and I hope never to have to. These jars make me feel connected to past generations of family who have stood over stoves and counters canning their own harvest. I just like the way that feels. Plus!!!! These jars have character! It’s so fun to pull them out at the beginning of a canning season, it’s like saying hello to old friends.