Is there an easier or happier plant in the world? Is there a more rewarding plant to grow, even for the youngest of us? I don’t think so!20130529090001

If you buy 1 package of marigold seeds you can have marigolds for the rest of your life. When the flower head dries after blossoming you just gently tug it out and there you are, a handful of seeds to plant again. Marigolds are annuals, which means they only live 1 year. They grow, bloom their hearts out for a long summer full of color, then they dry up and you have to pull them out. If you have neglected to pull out the seeds then they will have fallen to the ground and taken refuge til the spring comes around again. At which point I really hope you like marigolds because you are going to have many more than you had the last time you planted them. 20130529085954 Even if you think you have been diligent in collecting all the seeds or pulling the plants at just the right time you will end up with volunteers. So I just say, let them grow! What garden doesn’t need a little more color or whimsy?

Marigolds come in several colors, plain or variegated so you can get them to match your landscape plan. If you have kids these are so easy to grow they will love them. They can pick flowers, spread them around, share them with grandma.

A really good thing about marigolds is what they do for your tomatoes! If planted in and near your tomato plants they will deter many common tomato plant pests including the dreaded worm. You know that caterpillar looking thing that eats all your plants? Apparently they don’t like marigolds, hooray!

Marigolds don’t take a lot of water, that makes them good for desert landscapes and for container gardens too. They grow fairly quickly which adds to the rewarding experience of an impatient gardener.