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So glad I married him!

Last week we had our 4th grandchild, another baby girl. She’s tiny and squeaks and loves to be held. She came a little earlier than we hoped, but mom and baby are doing well. Babies are a blessing, especially when they are wanted and born into a loving family that will give them every chance at a good life. But, with sentimentality just dripping off of me, let me tell you what touches me the most about these additions to our family…..watching my husband with them. This man has always been a complete push over when it comes to his own children, but with the grandchildren….he’s doomed! He holds, he caresses, he comforts, he tickles, he gets down on the floor and plays ball and stacks cubes, he pays attention and yet lets them have plenty of room to explore and run.

Yes I’m an old softy, and I know that all the magazines say that the sexiest thing a husband can do is the dishes, but one step above that is watching him hold this tiny 6 pound darling and become a giant puddle at the sight of her. He works for his family, both in providing and chores and gardening and helping our son to rewire his home, this dad knows what it takes to be there for his kids. But when he complains that everyone has held the baby more than him and he wants a turn I feel a goofy grin coming on. I just love his mushy heart! I listen to him talk to her and hear the tenderness in his voice and with a touch of sadness I wish I had recognized how great a quality this was when he was holding our own children. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why people say grandkids are so much more fun than your own, with grandkids you’re not worried about the everyday needs and discipline and hustle, so you not only can enjoy them more, but you can enjoy who you are and your spouse is with them.

I love it when my husband makes me feel needed, wanted, loved, cared for, but when he loves our kids and when he fusses over and loves our granddaughter, I love him more. I’m so glad I married this man, I’m so proud of the man he has become. I hope our boys are paying attention to the continuing good example of their father, it will pay off in the end!