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So glad I married him!

Last week we had our 4th grandchild, another baby girl. She’s tiny and squeaks and loves to be held. She came a little earlier than we hoped, but mom and baby are doing well. Babies are a blessing, especially when they are wanted and born into a loving family that will give them every chance at a good life. But, with sentimentality just dripping off of me, let me tell you what touches me the most about these additions to our family…..watching my husband with them. This man has always been a complete push over when it comes to his own children, but with the grandchildren….he’s doomed! He holds, he caresses, he comforts, he tickles, he gets down on the…

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He holds my hand

My husband is a quiet man. He is generous, kind, gentle, a great father and example, he has a kind of sneaky sense of humor, a brilliant mind and a protectiveness towards his family, towards me. He is a home body who loves spending time with me and his children more than anything else he could be doing. He loves puttering around the yard, planning new projects, drawing plans for our “someday dream home”, learning new things and solving puzzles.

My husband is not a spender of money we don’t have, not patient with stupidity, not a partier, he is not a public speaker or the first in line for anything, and he is not a romantic.

When I was…

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