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Choice – A Gift

In this life we have many trials, we also have many gifts. Often as LDS people we talk of the gift of agency, freedom of choice. But how do we use this choice? We talk of the choice between good and evil, the choice to follow God or not, to obey commandments or not, but what about the more everyday choices?

I took care of my mother for years before she died. It was a very contentious relationship, she hated me and blamed all the things that went wrong in her life on me. It was tough growing up under a burden I couldn’t understand. It was tough being a young adult and raising my own kids under the burden…

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The Secret to a Woman’s Heart

It’s the kind of thing that seems to have been a mystery since the dawn of time, what do women want? How does a woman think? How do you make a woman happy?

Well we all now that each woman is different, we are unique human beings, however in general women are pretty simple. We want to be loved, appreciated, held, told that we matter and know that in the hearts of those we love the most we are precious.

I have told my children for years that the biggest most important sex organ is the brain and it’s true! Especially for women we cannot enjoy intimacy if all the other things in our lives and relationships aren’t in order. The brain is also the key to her heart. When our relationships and lives are in order our heart is content and happy.…

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Healing through faith

Yesterday one of my daughters best friends was killed in a car accident on her way back to college. This is the third one of her friends that has been killed in car accidents in the last few years. It is a heart breaking day for her, for her friends family, for the small valley we live in.

We could talk about seat belts. We could talk about slowing down in bad weather. We could talk about driving sleepy or texting or a hundred other things that may or may not have anything to do with the accident. But as we spend this day sorrowing for our friend and the family she leaves behind the thing we seem to talk…

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Raising a Toddler

Last week I was perusing Pinterest, yes I’m addicted, and I came across an article that was titled 10 things you wish you had known about raising a toddler. Well that peaked my interest.

I am 50 so I am well past the age of raising toddlers. However I have 4 grand daughters toddler age and I see their moms often exhausted and puzzled about what in the world to do with these children. There are sleep issues, potty training issues, tantrums, all the things every mom goes through but is somehow positive no other mom has ever been through. So I read through the article to see if there was anything new to learn.…

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Experiencing Blessings

Last weekend was wonderful. My youngest daughter has decided to serve a mission and her “farewell” weekend was upon us. On Saturday we went to the temple as a family and felt of the spirit. It was a sweet experience. On Sunday we went to church to hear her speak about being prepared to serve a mission. She chose to talk of testimony and how gaining one and living by the promptings of the spirit and faith helped her to be ready to serve.

As Latter Day Saints we all experience that joy of sending our children off to serve and then being amazed at how they have grown and been blessed when they come home. I have watched two…

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When do you stop being a mom?

I am getting older, as a side effect so are my children. They are now having children of their own. They are learning the ropes of being a parent and making marriages work. My youngest child is about to leave on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, she’s 20 years old and so excited to go, but as I said she’s 20 and the youngest. So sometimes my kids get a little itchy under the collar when I continue to mother, they believe that as full grown adults in their late 20’s they should be past all that mothering.

So the big question of life is …… when do you stop being a mother?

You give birth to a totally helpless human, you teach, train, love, guide, discipline, lift, cheerlead, basically devote your life to them, and suddenly they reach that magic age of adulthood and they and the world pronounce you obsolete, un-needed.…

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How to make your marriage work

Let me start by saying that I believe in marriage, I believe in happiness, I also believe that marriage takes time, commitment and work. I also believe that some marriages cannot be saved, but those are rare! There is no excuse for abuse, cheating and selfishness in a marriage. However most divorces don’t have a major reason, just a lot of minor ones we let build up or bail on because we don’t want to do the work.

So for this article we are going to state hard truths and cause some talk and discussion on what it takes to make a marriage work, ready?…

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