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April Relief Society Lesson – Apostasy and Restoration

April 26th 2015

Apostasy and Revelation

Our lesson in a nutshell is this:

During His mortal ministry, Jesus Christ established His church with priesthood authority. It was led by prophets and apostles who taught true doctrine and received revelation that was recorded as scripture. With the death of the apostles, priesthood authority was taken from the earth, revelation ceased and essential doctrines were lost or corrupted. Through the Prophet Joseph Smith, the Church that Jesus Christ established was restored.

First lets learn a bit about apostasy: Lets read in True to the Faith

when individuals or groups of people turn away from the principles of the gospel, they are in a state of apostasy.

Periods of general apostasy have occurred throughout…

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February Relief Society Lesson – The Plan of Salvation

February 2014 Relief Society Lesson

The Plan of Salvation

I had an epiphany this month. I have come to understand that every lesson we will have this year is about learning to know and understand the love our Father in Heaven has for us. The first thing that missionaries teach is that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us. If we know that he loves us, we will trust him and obey his commandments. If we know that he loves us we will see value in ourselves and others. If we know that he loves us we will accept his will. We will have more patience in our trials, having faith that Father knows what we need and…

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The Godhead – January 2015 Relief Society Lesson

The Godhead – January 2015

My assignment for this year is to teach from the Come Follow Me manual. It’s the same manual that the youth have been learning from. This gives us the opportunity to learn what they are learning, to share the lessons with them, to follow up with Family Home Evenings, all kinds of things. Think of the Sunday Dinner conversations!

They have these lessons every Sunday, we will only have them one Sunday a month. That leaves me with the task of combing through a lot of information and trying to choose, hopefully by the spirit, what we need to learn. So when you talk to your kids or grandkids you can not only have the…

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Relief Society lesson – Dec 2014 – President Uchtdorf, Are you Sleeping Through the Restoration?

What is or was the restoration?

Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon

He received priesthood keys, the church was organized.

Those are the basics, over time all things were restored and we have all that we need to move forward. We have temples and endowments, ordinances, organizations, we are done, right?

Article of Faith #9

9 We believe all that God has revealed, all that He does now reveal, and we believe that He will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the Kingdom of God.

So what we learn from that is that the restoration is ongoing! It may well go on until the return of Christ

It is a living church, we are led by…

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Strong men, strong hearts

Strong men, strong hearts

I love a strong man. However I do believe that my definition of a strong man would not be the same as the most of the world. Yes it’s nice to have someone to look at who’s easy on the eyes, but what is inside counts for so much more.

I love a man who is loyal and faithful to his wife. In this world of media we here about actors and singers and such all the time. They are usually in and out of relationships every other week. When I hear about one of these famous men who has been married to the same woman for a long time, who is never in the gossip rags for cheating or…

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Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

I have never read truer words than these! We are always wondering how to erase homelessness, drug abuse, violent crime, reduce the number of people in prison, forever eliminate domestic abuse, and on and on and on. Why are we always trying to fix the leak in the basement by building a new roof?

I am very proud of my son Aaron and his wonderful wife Shay. They have 2 beautiful little girls and they are trying so hard to raise them to be strong, to be compassionate, to be well adjusted whole human beings. They won’t be perfect, perfection cannot be achieved. But as long as…

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She came home!

She came home!

After serving faithfully and well, our daughter Alison came home from her mission on Oct 22, 2014.

I had missed her sooooo much! I had sent 2 boys on missions and had learned that each mission comes with its own set of trials and circumstances. I learned that you worry about different things with each child. You wonder how they will deal with the wide variety of obstacles or life events. You wonder if you have taught them enough, if their testimony is strong enough, if they will be safe.

While Alison was gone, I learned that you worry about completely different things for your girls than you do your boys. I also learned that with Alison, I didn’t need…

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